Poster Session

Poster Session Details

  • Poster boards are 69" high and 46" wide.
  • Setup is anytime after 8AM.
  • To present a poster include the info in your registration or send your name & poster title to

Poster Awards

There will be 2 poster awards given out at the end of the program. Awardees must be present at the end to receive their award.

Proposed Posters

Presenter Group Title
Saba Parvez Aye Privileged First Responders in Redox Sensing and Response
Somsinee Wisitpitthaya Aye Mechanism of Action of RNR Inhibition by Halogenated Nucleotide Anticancer Agents
Eshan Mitra Baird Super-resolution Imaging and Monte Carlo Simulations of Initial Events in Mast Cell Signaling
Jordan Mohe Baird Electrostatic Residues in the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Regulate Receptor Dimerization and Activation
Meraj Ramezani Baird Physiological and pathological functions of α-Synuclein in a mammalian cell model
Yunxing Li Cerione Structural basis of glutaminase activation in the absence of oligomerization:  A constitutively active dimer defines the minimal unit for glutamine deamination and supports enhanced cell proliferation. 
Chris Hosford Chappie Assessing species-specific determinants of McrB-DNA binding
Yunus Kinkhabwala Cohen Predicting crowds of interacting organisms
Alise Muok Crane Investigating the structure and function of a putative chemotaxis regulator
Greg Merz Crane Copper-Based Pulsed Dipolar ESR Spectroscopy as a Probe of Protein Conformation
Mike Fenwick Ealick Noncanonical active site architecture of the radical SAM thiamin pyrimidine synthase 
Jacky Tsai Feigenson Line tension and phase separation of a four-component phospholipid bilayer
Rebecca Usery Feigenson Bending moduli of cell plasma membrane models.
Kevin Michalski Kawate Carbenoxolone inhibits pannexin-1 through interactions with its first extracellular loop
Hao Pan Paszek Can Physiological Crowding Affect Cell Membrane Signaling?
Jay Gandhi Paszek Steady state response of the glycocalyx to mechanical compression
Alex Mauney Pollack Sequence Dependence in Salt Based Nucleosome Unwrapping using SAXS
Joshua Tokuda Pollack Visualizing DNA Release from Nucleosome Core Particles
Pooja Gudibanda Schroeder Small molecule mediated Nuclear Receptor Signaling in C. elegans
David Moreau Thorne Outrunning the ice formation process in protein crystallography
Ryan Badman Wang Characterization of High Refractive Index Nanoparticles Within a Standing Wave Array Trap
Fan Ye Wang A Biocompatible and High Stiffness Nanophotonic Trap Array for Precise and Versatile Manipulation
Tung Le Wang Mechanics of Mfd during Transcription.
Alexander Van Slyke Zipfel Investigating the Kinetics of TALE Binding Using High Throughput Single Molecule Imaging
Max Kushner Zipfel Stoichiometric Analysis of Protein Complexes by Cell Fusion and Single Molecule Imaging